Parks, Park Safety, & Preservation

Our city has more than 40 neighborhood and community parks. City parks, open spaces, and desert preserves make our city and neighborhoods an attractive place to live. We must feel confident when we and our families visit our city parks that it will be a positive and safe experience for all.

We must

  •   Listen to each community regarding their needs for their neighborhood parks.

  •  Increase community engagement and use of city parks.

  •  Continue to examine options for increasing safety in parks.

  • Examine data regarding police reports, concerns and safety issues with our city parks to help guide sound decisions.


Infrastructure is the backbone of every community. Proper maintenance and repair of Tempe infrastructure is smart money management. Roads, sewage, water, and electric systems are all examples of infrastructure. These systems are vital to our city.

We must

  •  Improve our streets & street management plans.

  •  Repair and replace our water lines.

  •  Maintain our city facilities & infrastructure.

  • Implement sustainable solutions for infrastructure maintenance and use.



I supported the November 2018 referendum to renew the existing Arts Tax and I am grateful it passed. I believe arts and culture enhance our daily lives and foster connections among neighbors and our community.

We Must

  • Continue to support public art, as it enhances our environment

  • Create more interesting and welcoming public spaces

  • Increase community engagement


Diversity & Social Justice

I am a champion of Diversity and Social Justice.

Diversity leads to better decisions and innovation in every setting.

We must

  • Continue to be a regional and state leader in diversity.

  • Advocate for community members of diverse backgrounds.

  • Promote equal pay for equal work.

  • Recognize the link between diversity and economic growth as businesses choose Tempe because of our policies.

  • Coordinate and communicate available services for elderly people and people with disabilities.

  • Consider processes and cost for strategies to assist people who are experiencing homelessness.

  • Develop an affordable housing policy and strategy.

  •  Identify and promote substance-abuse programs.

  • Work with appropriate agencies and schools to minimize food insecurity.



I support quality and affordable education for all. Great schools are essential for strong communities, a strong economy and a prosperous future. In addition to educating our youth, Tempe programs also provide education for adult community members.

We must

  • Develop and enhance lifelong adult learning programs.

  • Partner with Tempe school districts to improve our children’s experience and support at school.



I support reliable, accessible public transportation. Public transit enhances our quality of life and provides expanded opportunity for our residents.

We must

  • Continue the expansion of Americans with Disabilities Act by creating compliant sidewalks.

  • Continue funding for light rail and streetcar to increase connectivity.

  • Maximize bus-route accessibility to residents and students.


I have been a leader in the City of Tempe regarding sustainability initiatives for many years. I am also a Certified Sustainable Professional with the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

We must

●  Explore and implement fiscally responsible sustainable solutions.

●  Continue conversion of city lighting to LED.

●  Encourage community gardens.

●  Support low water use programs.

●  Utilize more sustainable materials for our streets.

●  Increase our tree canopy in the city to provide shade and lower temperatures.

●  Encourage the use of electric cars and increase the number of charging stations.

●  An increase of the number of participates in the Green Organics program.


See the positions I ran on and am continuing to suppport now in the City Council.

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